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Products from the heart

Miracle Bar

Looking for the most luxurious moisturizer you can find? Look no further! Our Miracle Bar is sure to win you over!

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Miracle Balm Pot

Need to use Miracle Balm on a larger area? Want to use it as a night time moisturizer? Then this is the size for you! Enjoy more product in this easy to use, glass pot!

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The Miracle Balm is truly what it says. A miracle! I gave birth to my son a little over 2 months ago, and for some reason my lips had gone permanently chapped after my C-section. They were like cracked leather, the worst car I had ever seen. I saw these guys at mountain fair, and was ready to try anything to fix myself. I had been using coconut oil, castor oil, sugar scrubs, etc to no avail. This stuff healed me up within a week. THANK YOU for this product! 💗💗💗 it.

– Darcy

"I have struggled with acne since I was 14. I put the Miracle Balm on my face before I go to bed at night and wake up with amazing skin. Nothing has ever worked on my acne, however, your balm completely cleared it up!! Thank you so much for creating this!"

– Angela

I bought the lip balm when I was in Aspen on vacation. Love it for dry lips but didn’t use it much because I really wanted something with spf in it. I recently burned my hand while cooking. I had the balm in my cosmetic drawer, took it out and started applying it to my burns. OMG!!! Can’t believe how quickly my burns have healed. I had one pretty bad blister and now it’s almost gone... in only a few days. I was afraid I would be dealing with this blister for a few weeks.. I’m a golfer and it definitely affected my ability to hold a club. So, thanks for what you do and have created!!!

– Shelia