Marti's Essentials Skin Care

About Us

Marti's Essentials began in 2012 by founder and owner Marti DiBacco.  Marti's passion for helping people led to the development of healthy skin care products without any harmful toxins.

"I want people to feel good about themselves and the products they are using." - Marti

Every ingredient on the product label is clear and understandable.  What's on the label is exactly what is in the product with no added fillers.

Marti's diligent research helps determine the perfect combination of essential oils to maximize benefits to your skin.  Her products are so pure they can be used all over your body for a variety of purposes.

"I have used the Miracle Balm for paper cuts to diaper rash and it works great on both. This is a wonderful product and should be in everyone's pocket." -Happy Customer

Try Marti's Essentials today and feel confident you are doing something healthy for your body!